India Mark II Hand Pump - Description

The India Mark II hand pump is a result of continuous and collaborative research and development efforts of non-governmental, industrial and multilateral aid organisations, in co-ordination with the Government of India during the 1970s.
This hand pump is accepted internationally one of the most reliable and sturdy pumps originating from a developing country.
The hand pump consists of the Above-ground mechanism comprising of Pump Head, Handle, Water Tank and Stand assemblies and the Below-ground mechanism comprising of Riser Pipes, Connecting Rods and Cylinder assembly.
The entire above ground components are fabricated out of steel sections, hence they are strong and sturdy.

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  • Non Corrosive

  • High tensile & high pressure rating

  • Easy Installation

  • Consistent Performance

Specification :

Pump Type : India Mark II Deep Well Hand pump / hand well pump as per Bureau of Indian Standard Specifications with 63.5mm dia cast iron brass sleeved cylinder assembly.
Recommended for water level setting depth (metres) : 20-45 Minimum ID of bore (milimetre): 100 Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour) : 900 GI Riser Pipe = 32 mm NB 3 meter length *
MS/SS Connecting Rod Diameter = 12mm 3 meter length.

Product Range :

  • We have Developed New range of India Mark II Hand Pump Specialy to catar indian market this range include.
  • Type India Mark II Hand Pump :

  • 32kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg

Connecting Rod :

    Type India Mark II Connecting Rod :

  • 2 - 150kg, 2 - 200kg, 2 - 300kg, 2 - 400kg, 2 - 500kg,

Salient Features :

The above-ground mechanism is fabricated from welded steel plate and sections for strength and hot-dip galvanised for corrosion resistance.
A chain and quadrant mechanism of the pump handle provides easy and accurate alignment of the connecting rod.
The handle bar has a high mechanical advantage and is designed to counter balance the weight of the connecting rods to reduce the pumping effort required from the user.
Pre-greased, sealed Ball Bearings add to the ease of operation and elimination of greasing during use.
125 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 1150 litres per hour with the cylinder installed in the range of the 15 m to 45 m below-ground level.
Provision of a Third Plate facilitates the easy removal of head assembly for routine maintenance without disturbing the original factory fitment of the pivot mechanism.
The Spout design ensures collection of water in any type of vessel normally used.
The Stand assembly is independent of the borewell, with legs directly grouted into the concrete platform. This ensures firm mechanical anchoring of the pump and a hygienic seal at the pump foundation
Cylinder with highly polished brass liner ensures long life of Nitrile Rubber Pump Bucket.
The Rubber parts in the cylinder are nontoxic and hence they cause no health hazards.
All internal parts of the cylinder are made of Gun-metal to ensure long life.
These pumps can be easily adapted for Shallow-Well, Wind Mill and motorised operations with minor modifications.
India Mark II Pump works on the positive displacement principle, hence the discharge remains constant irrespective of the depth of bore
Strict quality control is maintained during manufacture of all components, conforming to the Bureau of Indian Standards' specification IS 9301

Product Range

Type India Mark II Hand Pump

Connecting Rod

Type India Mark II Connecting Rod
2 - 150kg
2 - 200kg
2 - 300 kg
2 - 400 kg
2 - 500 kg
2 - 600 kg